Monday, February 1, 2016

66 Bananas

On Saturday we made the trek to Trader Joe's.  It's about 45-60 mins depending on traffic.  We hit the store often enough but this weekend I wanted to go for one reason.

I wanted that frozen riced cauliflower.  Yes I'm lazy.  Yes I've made cauliflower rice before but I imagined how much easier this would be.  And how often I'd use it since it was it was less work.  BUST!  My TJ's didn't have it.  I learned a few things though: 

                     1.  It comes from Italy.  Why can't we source this from the US?
                     2.  They were expecting some any day but they only get 2 cases at a time. 
                     3.  They put the shipment out at 8am and it's sold out by noon. 
                     4.  The guy said "you'd think this stuff was gold". 

Nice huh?  I live too far away to ever get some of it given the above information.  Unless it loses it's popularity and people no longer think it's gold. 

What I did discover is that I must be living under a rock because I thought carrots were only orange. 

I had no clue they came in different colors.  I just had to get a bag for Eli!  I'm hearing that the white ones are sweet.  Maybe I should try them.  

Eli approved of all three flavors. Ha!

I noticed the inside of the purple one was white once he bit into it. 

One other thing I bought at TJ's was some bananas.  I know bananas or often priced by the pound, but TJ's (and Target that I know of ) charge per banana.  I bought 6 bananas.  I got home and was uploading my receipts into Receipt Hog (a new app I'm trying out to get money back for submitting receipts)  and I suddenly noticed that I bought 80 items at TJ's.  Huh?  What?  No way. . . 

Yes. . . I did. . . because apparently I bought 66 bananas. . .  

Isn't that fabulous?!  I called the store.  I gave them info from the receipt.  They are suppose to send me a gift card, but I thought that the guy was also going to call me back once he confirmed that I wasn't lying.  He didn't call back.  So now I'm not sure what to do.  Obviously driving an hour to get my money back isn't going to happen any time soon.  Thankfully I find this amusing and I am not going to go broke without the $11.40 (+ tax) that they owe me.  But I would like that gift card. .  

Saturday evening the barn where I board Eli hosted a customer appreciation party. It was at the Elk's lodge and was catered like a wedding: fried chicken, pasta, green beans, corn,  mashed potatoes, salad, rolls. . . and cake. 

And yes we ate it.  First time I've ever cheated while doing the Advocare 24 day challenge or the 10 Day Cleanse.  I feel guilty big time.  Thankfully the pieces of cake were small because they almost didn't have enough cake!   My hubby put on 2 lbs the next morning but it was off this morning.  I didn't gain Sunday morning, but I did today. My body always does the delayed reaction gain, especially when the food is consumed later in the evening.  I expected the gain. I'm moving on.  I was back on track on Sunday.  However, the last day of the challenge is Wednesday and I am a bit bummed that my results won't be where I want them. And the weight loss might be skewed thanks to this cheat meal and the fact that it'll be that time of the month tomorrow.  Hello bloat.  But I'm planning on chugging the water and hoping to overcome all of that. 

We played horse trivia at the party.  My table had 5 people.  The three you see above, my husband and one other husband.  The husbands didn't really help in the trivia - they aren't horse people.   We had to name our team.  Our name was "Chestnut Trio".  All three of us have chestnut horses (that's the color for you non-horse people.  Our horses are red heads!).  There were about 5 rounds of trivia and at the end we won with a score of 49 out of 54.  One round was fact about the barn including the barn owner's middle name.  I got it right but one of the other ladies talked me out of it and changed it.  Thankfully we didn't lose by 1 point!   :)   We also got a chocolate candy bar for winning. I was hoping for a month of free board.  A girl can dream right? 

I had my barn owner take a photo of us, cause I was pretty confident in how I looked.  Unfortunately I hate the photo and I think I look like I've gained weight. 

Maybe it's how we are standing. . . I can never figure out how to take a pic with hubby so we look as good together as we do apart.  I think our very similar heights don't help.  Hubby looks skinnier in real life too,but the lighting doesn't define him well here, so maybe that's why. *shrug*  Just give me motivation to keep on going.  Reach for my goals!

I was in 2 more fitbit challenges this past week.  The same ones as before: The Workweek Hustle and The Weekend Warrior.  I almost declined them.  These things are wearing me out! I actually didn't even "try" to win the workweek hustle like I did the previous week.  But there were a few different people in this and guess what? 

Somehow I won!  And I even beat my step count from the previous challenge (59,204).  I have no idea how I managed that!  As for the Weekend Warrior. . . I think I won that too.  I'm waiting for everyone to sync this Monday morning.  The funny thing is my cousin was in the Weekend Warrior. She *runs*.  Like at any given time she can run a half marathon.  In the friends leader board on fitbit she is always *always* at the top of my list.  When I saw she was in it I told my husband I didn't stand a chance.  But . . . I ran 5 miles on Sunday morning and was busy the rest of the day. . . it looks like I might win it!  Whoop!

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  1. I really want to try that cauliflower rice from TJ's. I don't know what my excuse is since I live only 10 minutes from one...

    I do a delayed bloat, too. The next morning I'll think I'm safe and then the following morning, my scale will jump 3 pounds!