Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday gain

I guess I knew it would happen but I'm still pretty annoyed.  I have worked out every single day since last Friday.  Probably longer, but I know this past week I have worked out every day.  We went to the ballgame on Sat and Sun and that screwed me up.  I did good Saturday, but on Sunday I had too many drinks (no alcohol at all Sat).   It just sucks that I can blow up in one day and it can take me many many days to get it off.  I hate it.  I'm cranky cause I want my regular Friday Imo's salad special (after my run) and I don't feel like I deserve it.   So I can't decide. . . 

Here it is.  A big whopping 1.4 gain.  Damn it. 

My fat % stayed the same.   But the BMI went up, I assume cause my weight went up.  I don't pay attention to the BMI. . . I want the fat % down!  So I guess I'm glad it didn't go up. . . but still. . . I'm just annoyed by this.    

My lunch time runs aren't long, but I got a 3 miler in this week.  I also worked out twice after work (even when I ran at lunch).  I did Chalean Extreme one day.  Last night I tried my new Piyo workout.  It's also by Chalene Johnson.  It's a pilates/yoga combo I suppose.  I did 2 of the workouts actually.  Wow.   Umm. . . screw you downward dog!  Ha ha.  I hate body weight exercises cause I'm too damn heavy.  Really I didn't do too shabby.  Sometimes I just had to watch, cause I didn't know the routine yet.  And it's hard to be in down dog and look *up* at the TV and figure out what the hell to do. But once I figure it out, I'll be golden.  Maybe I should take the time to watch the 40 min instructional video also.  lol.  

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