Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just Do It

The other day I got a FB message from a friend of mine.  We use to be roommates and so I'd say she knows how lazy I really am :)   She asked me how I run every day.   She can't find the motivation.   We did the half marathon together, but I know I trained more than her.  Of course she was sick.   But I followed my training plan to the letter. Now I'm not training for anything but I'm am trying to workout almost every day.  However, I should note that I don't do long workouts.  I love my lunch time runs, but they are only 2-3 miles.   Now it's getting really hot and humid with heat indexes into the 100's. Not sure how long those runs will last.    My response?   I don't workout every day!  Lol.  No really - it was more of a "I just do it".   I mean that's all it boils down to.  I just freaking do it.  Do I love it?  Nope.  Do I dread it?  Often times.   Especially with this heat.   Do I try to make excuses?   Oh yeah.   If I don't run I do a Chalean Extreme weight workout.   I will have a scale update soon I hope, but the scale is slooooowly but surely moving in the right direction.   My friend is naturally thin.  However, that doesn't mean she's in shape.  But I suspect if I was naturally thin I'd have much (way way way) less motivation to workout as much as I do.   I have that extra motivation of hating the number on the scale. I told her  "I'm fat, you're not.  Therefore I workout".  Ha!   Now that being said, I support getting more fit regardless of your current size.  Skinny/thin does not mean you are fit in any sense of the word.  It does not mean you have cardio fitness or muscle tone.   So I know that is what she wants.  She rides horses, as do I.  And she did a competition recently and noticed her fitness wasn't where she wanted it to me.   Digging deep and finding the motivation is a hard thing to do.  I struggle with it.  I want to be lazy.  I want to stay inside in the AC and lay under a blanket reading my kindle.   But there's also a small dose of fear that encourages my motivation.   Fear that the scale is going to go up quickly.  It did several years ago when my thyroid went crazy.   50 lbs in one year and it didn't matter how much I worked out, how lazy I was, how much I did or did not eat. . . it was steady climb. While I don't have total control of my thyroid and any associated weight gain, I know what 250 looks like on the scale.  I know that I look like a blown up balloon.  I know what size pants that is.  So I don't want to get there again. I'm afraid of that.  No lie.   Then there is also the fear of losing my running condition.  I know that I lose it pretty quickly as I took time off after the half marathon.   I want to do a fall half and while I haven't picked one yet, I'd like to start the training with a solid base of fitness.  So I "just do it".  I change clothes at lunch, and I attempt to run without dying of heat stroke.  Some days (ok, only once recently) I get up early to do Chalean Extreme before work.  Sometimes I do it after I get home, after riding my horse and before dinner. . . . I do it then.  Bottom line: Just Do It!  See what happens!  What have you got to lose?   (besides weight?)

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