Friday, July 11, 2014

2 weeks of the yo-yo

I feel like I'm getting no where.  3 weeks ago I was at 203.0 

Today . . . 

That's where I was last Friday as well.  So basically I'm not getting anywhere.  I'm less than I was 2 weeks ago, when I posted about a gain. But geesh. . .    I think there are a few factors here.  I'm not strict enough on the weekends.  So I go up a couple pounds and fight like hell to get back to a good Friday weight. 

I'm discouraged, but I also feel like in some way my body is starting to tone.  I was at my barn last night wearing lightweight shorts and a t-shirt.   I had a Dr appt and wore the lightest clothing I own.  A lady asked me if I was losing weight.  I said it was an optical illusion cause I'm not in breeches.  She said no I don't think so, weren't you wearing breeches and a pink top last night?  I said yes.  She said 2 people mentioned to her that I was losing weight.  Hmm.  Why can't they tell me?  That's certainly motivating to say the least.  If my fat % monitor was showing a loss I'd believe that I was looking smaller, but it's not.  However, I think I'll keep on the same path and see where I go.   Maybe with a bit less back to back days of running. . . . 

Last night I had a Dr appt.  I see a naturopath Dr for my thyroid but she has become my primary Dr.  We talked about my afternoon fatigue and possible adrenal support.   Stress really messes up the adrenal glands and they help the thyroid.   So she put me on ashwagandha - a herb - twice a day for adrenal support.   We briefly talked about running and I mentioned that I don't lose weight and that I seem to slowly gain.  She said too much stress on the body and the adrenals are releasing cortisol.   So this herb will help out.   Well. . . I find that I get myself in this rut of having to run run run every day.  At lunch this week I ran M-W.  I forced myself not to run yesterday and quite frankly it was hard.  Of course it was about the best weather day of the week so that didn't help.   But I think running 7-10 days in a row, even when many of the weekday runs are just 2 miles, might not be the best thing.  So I need to shake it up some more.  It's just *so* easy to run at lunch and then not have to deal with it the rest of the day.  So I'm going to ponder this some more and think about what to do.  I still want to do a fall half marathon so maybe now is the time to relax my running to just 3-4 days a week.   However, today is one of those days.  I love my Friday runs.  I run 3 miles and then I pick up a Imo's salad lunch special.  It's my one "bad" lunch that I get during the week at work.  Since I run right before I don't feel so bad.  As the best time to eat would be right after a run. 

I should also mention that I asked my doc about doing a round of HCG in the fall.  It would have to be after my marathon and that's getting really close to the holidays.  So I'm not too sure. But if I can't get below 200 and stay there on my own I might do another round.  I have to get myself in the mental state though and that's tough.  I would like to have birthday cake on my birthday and that would likely not happen due to the timing of this round based on when I want to do a marathon.  But it would be worth it I think? 

On the 4th of July I was off and while I did photograph the scale I didn't post.   We went to a Cardinals game that evening.  (one of the reason my weight goes up - dang ballpark food and drinks)

Here is a selfie and a view from our seats in one photo.  I need to make use of dual camera mode more often.  Though my eyes are practically closed here. 

Following the game there was a fireworks show.  It was just so awesome.  Everyone stayed in their seats and there was anticipation in the air.  Almost like an encore at a concert.   The show was really well done and the fireworks were released all the way around the stadium so every seat had a great view.  These were the only fireworks we saw this year and they were fantastic. Unfortunately I suck at photographing them so many of my photos don't do them justice.  They are tricky to photograph. 

Have a great weekend! :) 

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