Thursday, December 19, 2013

Garmin take 2

*happy dance* I got Garmin's crazy Express Fit to see my watch.  OMG.  This was stressing me out.  I think mostly cause I was wondering why the hell I was so stupid that I couldn't get this working.  I had posted on Garmin's forum.  Thankfully someone said "are you sure you have the right version" and attached a link.   Well. . . . isn't that interesting?  My file said ExpressFit_20 and the one he linked me to said ExpressFit_201.   WTH?  So I took *everything* Garmin off my computer.  There was a plug in I had to install to manually upload my run since I couldn't get this Express Fit working.   I rebooted.  I installed the 201 file.   I was holding my breath and that stupid "please close Express Fit" message did not appear.  So maybe this is a different version.  It still would not open after the install until I did a reboot.   But when the computer came back up, I opened it up . . . I attached the watch. . . BAM!  It saw my watch.  Whew!   So I set up the wifi stuff through the program. But I have no idea how to tell if that works.  There are issues with that from what I read, but I couldn't even get that far.   So I guess I need to go on a run to see if I can upload something over wifi.  I gotta say this shit is *not* intuitive in the least.  Considering my technical background I wonder how some people work with this thing.  Cause I wanna pull my hair out. 

I did try to figure out what link I followed that gave me that 20 file.  I thought it was the link in the manual.  I went there, but it was linked to the 201 file.    I don't know. . . I think someone put a bad file out there and has updated the download.  That's what I think.  Cause I was going to be all up in Garmin's face if they had the wrong link in the manual. lol 

Now I still have to figure out what's going on with the HR monitor. Maybe. . . just maybe. . . I didn't have it on right.  That's a possibility.  A small one, but it was like 5:30 am when I put the thing on.  I had other things on my mind, so it's possible.  I shall try another run before I annoy the people at Garmin any further. 

Let's talk about GPS accuracy.  In my mind Garmin and GPS are synonymous. TomTom? Who are they?  You know what I mean?  Garmin is like a household word. Now I was having serious issues with my previous phone.  It was Samsung Galaxy S2 and I used Runkeeper to track all of my running to this point.   I had a refurbished replacement S2 and the GPS was whacked.  Totally.   It would give me mileage and the longer the run, the more free mileage I got.  The previous S2 was very reliable.   I got a S4 last month and it's been much more reliable.  Maybe not quite accurate. . . . like my path didn't follow roads exactly, but close enough.  Maybe I had unrealistic expectations for my Garmin.  That's possible . . . but. . . .I expected if I ran ON a street in downtown St Louis, then my path would be rendered *on* that street.   It's not living up to those expectations. . . 

So. . . I consider that to be inaccurate.  How about you?  There is chatter about this online.  So I'm not the only one with this problem, clearly.   But maybe this is why my watch said I ran 9.4 when I really ran 9.3.   Now that's splitting hairs.  I'm fine with 0.1 difference.  With that crappy S2 I could run 5 miles and it would tell me 5.25 or more.  That was not cool.   I mentioned this issue in my emails with Garmin and they told me they posted a statement and are addressing it.  We shall see.  Lesson of the day: don't buy the newest device.   *eye roll*

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