Friday, December 27, 2013


I'm pondering giving up Facebook in the new year.   I don't know that giving it up is the *right* answer, but there has to be some solution.   I'm on it too much I think.  But I have many friends on FB that I enjoy keeping in touch with.  Some of them I've never met in real life, some I've only met a few times but I think I'd be sad if I lost touch with them.  For example there's one friend who I chat with multiple times a week, sometimes daily.   However I think FB alienates you from real life to some extent.  I have very few friends that I do anything with in real life.  That depresses me.  FB isn't the reason for that, but it doesn't help.   IMO the biggest reason is that I'm 35, married and have no kids.  I do not "fit" in with the majority of people my age.  I have no kids to go to school functions with.  I have no play groups to go to.  Etc. Etc. Etc.   But back to facebook.  I do think facebook is a bit too "happy".   I've said it on facebook before but it's kind of  a highlight reel of life.  Does that make sense?  People post about the good things that happen to them.  Heaven forbid you post something "real".   It's taboo for me to post that I fought with my husband last night.  OMG.  The waves that would cause in my real life!!!   I once posted something like "I hate to see a generous person get taken advantage of".    Now my sister in law doesn't speak to me.  Oh wait!  She did on Christmas because her step dad wanted something from my family.  Now isn't that sweet?  *eye roll* Oh and if anyone saw this blog I'm sure I'd be disowned.   Did I say that FB post was about her?   Nope.  Did I say who it was about?  Nope.  Did it point fingers at anyone specific? Nope.  I say if someone has a guilty conscious then maybe they should look at themselves instead of complaining about me posting something that could apply to any number of people.   That caused some waves in the family.   Oh my gosh!   So. . . what is the answer to FB?   To just look at everyone's happy go lucky life and feel badly about mine?   To just keep posting my own highlight reel?   (if you are FB friends with me, I imagine my life looks pretty happy eh?)   I don't know what the answer is, but too much FB time isn't healthy I don't think.  Maybe I should remove FB from my phone.  That might be one solution? 

Now about that fight. . . . my husband and I have issues.  I don't think either one of us is at fault.  I think we both are.  I think it takes two to be at fault in a relationship most of the time.  In our case, I just don't know what to do.  We "tried" therapy.  Ha!  We had 2 session.  What a freaking joke.  I expected many sessions over the course of many months.  I'm very disappointed by that.   Marriage is not easy.  Anyone who says so is flat out lying.  I guess I can't really go into detail here because again, if anyone saw this there would be hell to pay on my part.  I will say this. . . back to that no friends thing. . . it sure does depress me that I had no one to call last night to stay the night with.  If I had left I'd have had to pay for a night in a hotel.  How freaking pathetic is that?  

Yesterday I took advantage of the after Christmas sales. 

I'm addicted to Santa hats.  I have quite a few.  Now I have another! :)  It has sparkly things on the white fur.  I love it! :)   

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