Wednesday, December 18, 2013

*dislike* Garmin

I'm so frustrated with Garmin right now.  I have no words.

I'm a technical person.  I mean clearly - I'm a software developer.  So why the heck can't I get this watch working correctly?

First of all the live tracking feature only works with iOS.  Ummmm. . . dear Garmin - you advertised that it works with a smartphone.  You did *not* specify Apple only.   Screw that - get it working for Android!

Secondly - on my 15K none of the running stats from the heart rate monitor were tracked. No cadence, no oscillation, no ground contact time. . . nadda

Third - Their Express Fit software can KISS MY BUTT!!!!  Do they have testers?   Have they ran this software through rigorous testing?  Cause in my job it would have failed.  Let me see, I download the install program.  I open it up to install and it pops up an error message that I must close Express Fit before continuing.  Ummm. . .. dear Garmin, I don't have your program installed yet!  How can I close it?  So it continues with the install.  Then it won't open.  I have to reboot.  Then I get it opened and it doesn't seem to recognize that my watch is connected to the computer.   WTH?

I've been emailing Garmin and now they want me to speak with the software team.  Unfortunately their hours are during the day when I'm not home.   WHY ME???    Other people have this thing working, but not me.  I want to cry.

Oh and their manual says if the heart rate monitor and the watch are shipped together they are already paired.  LIARS!  after 15 mins I figured that out.

Oh and then there is the GPS accuracy issues with this watch.  Oh my!  It's a good thing I got a discount.  And I hope their little software team is working overtime to get this watch working correctly.   How does a company of this size succeed with these issues??  Why have they released such crappy software?

And this is what I looked like yelling at Garmin this weekend when I was trying to get this set up.


  1. That is so super disappointing. What kind of accuracy issues are you experiencing? I think that would bother me the most. Coupling that with your GPS issues with your phone, I'm starting to wonder if you just live in a black hole with no access to towers or satellites. lol

    That whole iPhone vs Android issue would PEEVE me, though. For real??

    1. No! I'm not in a black hole :) I get GPS service. It's just not "accurate" like I expected. Plus the 15K was in St Louis, so there's no excuse!