Thursday, January 5, 2012


Last night I got measured at the gym. The last set was done sometime in Oct. But I can't remember when exactly. I lost just over 1/2 inch from my waist. I seemed to gain in my hips. Weird. My trainer and I both thought that was weird. My thigh went up as well. But I've been doing some serious leg work with the treadmill, stairs, elliptical and bike. So that doesn't bother me too much. I was up about 2 lbs as well. But that all came recently. Part holiday gain and partly from increasing my workout. I seem to lose better when I eat right and don't work out. LOL.

I have a serious sweet tooth. I need to work on this. I have small sweet binges throughout the day. That has GOT to stop. I'm glad that my measurements are basically the same. But my size 10 jeans (I only have 2 pair as I don't fit into 10's in every brand) are feeling snug today.

The plan today is to ride Eli. He had two days off. Tuesday I didn't feel like doing both the gym and riding. Plus he got shoes that day is generally given the day off. Last night I had a session with my trainer and then I did an hour of cardio after. I'm up today - 180.2!!! AH! It better be water retention. I tend to gain after a workout with my trainer. So tonight I may not hit the gym. I don't know. I have gym clothes packed. I'm starting to get addicted to the gym because I'm worried about being in the 180's. But it might be better to take a break. We'll see how I feel after I ride. If I have a good ride I may skip it. If I have a shitty ride, then going to the gym makes me feel better.

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