Saturday, January 7, 2012

Half Their Size

First I wanted to say that I had a yogurt day yesterday. For the diet I was on that is one of the alternate correction days. That means I eat 32 oz of full fat yogurt and 8 oz of berries through the day. I don't like full fat yogurt, so I buy 2% Fage yogurt and add heavy whipping cream to get the fat. You'd think this isn't much to eat during the day (oh I start eating at noon) but it is. I only ate 24 oz. But I had some nuts and one piece of chocolate when I got home. I was NOT hungry when I went to bed. I weighed in this morning and lost FOUR lbs. 176.2! Back in my happy maintenance range. Let's see if I can hold it through tomorrow morning. The hubby and I ate at McAlister's tonight. It's my favorite place! I had half of a chicken salad croissant and a small bowl of chicken tortilla soup. Water to drink. (I only drink water) I did work out at the gym this morning, so that was good and hopefully helpful.

So. . . my favorite issue of People magazine is on the shelves right now!

I LOVE seeing the before and after pics in this magazine. One lady caught my eye. She is 5'9" and I'm 5'10". It seems that it's always short people that show up in weight loss photos. I don't know why. So I was intrigued by her photo. I asked my husband who he thought weighed more, her or I?

For reference here is a pic of me. I wish I had a better one taken since weight loss, but I don't really. . .

Looking at the photos I'm not sure who I would say weighs more. I felt like when I was looking at her photo that I appeared thinner than her. But the photos. . . I don't know. . . I wish I had a dress like that. LOL!

Anyways, the hubby answers and says "She looks to weight about 160". I said "Well I didn't ask you how much she weighed, but how much do you think I weigh?". He then said "about 165". I said "so I weigh more?". He kind of choked around answering that. lol. I didn't ask for numbers! I then told him I weighed in at 180 that morning. (BTW - the lady weights 175 - so as of today we are pretty close!) He seemed shocked. I always wonder how I appear to people. Today we were shopping and I kept looking in the mirrors at myself and in the windows at my reflection. Generally I'm fairly happy with how I look. I'm kind of between sizes though so I need to lose some inches and rectify that!

So I'm going to go look at that magazine again. I really just get so motivated seeing all those success stories!

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