Monday, March 21, 2016

This and that. . . and a new phone

This past weekend was busy.  I almost felt like I didn't have a weekend.

Friday night we upgraded phones.  I'm not sure I said much on the blog, but we upgraded in November and took all three phones back.  I have 3 lines on my account: myself, my husband and my mom.  We are android peeps and I cracked my screen sometime last fall.  We upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S6 in November.  The battery life was horrid and after much stress and drama, we returned them.   I felt horrible.  I'm basically in charge of all phone decisions and maybe I overthink it.  I'm a technical person (if I never said, I do software development) and I read lots of reviews.  But ultimately Samsung bombed the S6 for various reasons, including the crappy battery and the lack of an SD card.   This past Monday my husband cracked his phone and unlike mine, he was not usable at all.  So off we went to Target on Friday night.  After 2+ hours of craziness (computer systems were down, the promotions didn't work), we walked out with three Samsung Galaxy S7's and my promise to everyone to keep these phones.  The good news is we are all happy.   I also walked out with three of these: 

The promotion for the phones was a free Gear VR and a $100 Target gift card.   The gift card offset the cost of the phones, but this VR (virtual reality) thing. . . well it's not my thing.  They sell these for $100 at Target.  So I posted on on Craigslist to see if it sells. . . so far nothing. . . . . 

On Saturday I ran some errands.  We were having Easter with my family early, on Sunday this weekend.  So I decided to the errands on Sunday.  I hit up Walmart and I found this Blender Bottle. 

I won't say how many Blender Bottles I have . . . but this color was too hard to resist.

I saw this fun M&M treat on Facebook that I wanted to try.   I got the supplies to make them for our Easter gathering.  They turned out really well and were a big hit, but I burned pretzels in the process. I didn't know microwaving them for just under a minute would burn them.  Yikes!

My 5 year old nephew loved them so much . . . he told me he was going to eat them all!

Sunday morning was the first day of spring as you know.  There was snow in the area. . . and I love snow. . . and I didn't see a flake.  Totally bummed.  It was misty raining here and cold. . .  hubby and I went for another run together. But I ran on Saturday too.  My legs were tired. I agreed to 3 miles and we drove to town to change up the scenery.  I didn't map out a route but  I thought I knew approximately where to run to get 3 miles in without lapping around the park at the end.    It turned out to be exactly 4 miles. . .  I didn't want to do 4 miles, but I hung on and we finished with a pace around 10:41 just like last week.  

I took a selfie with my new phone.  The front camera is a wider angle than my old phone.  I love it!

I just can't believe how well my hubby is doing with running.  I'm so proud of him. 

Sunday morning I weighed in at my lowest weight this year!  Of course 24 hours later I gained 2 lbs.  I never understand how that happens. . . but I was excited to see this just once.  I'll see it again!

That's all I got for now.  Our Easter gathering was fun, if a bit windy and chilly.  It's Monday evening now and this Monday has lived up to it's name.  It's time to chill with my kitties!  Have a good week everyone!

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  1. Love that you and your hubby are running together :) I am off to find directions to make those m&m cute!!