Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye!  Saturday we went to the outlet mall.  We hit Under Armour first, as usual.   We got some good deals.  My husband got more than I did, but it's always hit or miss for one of us.   

Sunday we went to my husband's mom's house.  We did Easter with my family last weekend because that's when my brother had his son.   (every other weekend )  But we started Sunday morning by getting up in time to run 5 miles.  Like we set an alarm so we'd get up in time to get this done and be at my mother in law's house by 11 am.  Who are we?!?!  Like seriously!  We set an alarm to go run.  A few years ago I'd have laughed my butt off if someone told me we'd do this.  In recent years this is something I would do. . . but now my husband is joining me.  It's just amazing how much we've changed. 

Again, in order to run "together" I speed up and my husband slows down.  The previous 2 weekends, we've been at 10:40, so this was just a tad slower.  It was just so fun though!  We took a cute selfie afterwards. 

I love the spring flowers :) 

So we went to our Easter gathering.  A fried of the family comes every year and she works at Walgreens.  She gave our great-nephew a kite that she got on clearance for $0.19!  It was a big hit and he was a pro kite flyer!  He looks tall in this pic, but I believe he's about 7 years old. I  think he turns 8 in July.  I'm not sure.  . . I can't keep up with the ages of all the kids. 

I love that you can see that the kite is a turtle in this pic.  Turtle Power!!!

After that we took my car to a mechanic friend to be worked on today.  I won't get it back till tomorrow though.  I had three lights coming on randomly. . . check engine, vehicle stability control and the traction light. . . a weird combo, but the point to the O2 sensors, so both are going to be replaced tomorrow. 

I did better with eating this weekend.  Last Sunday I was at my low for the year and the next day - bam! 2 pounds up!  What?!  Last weekend was that time of the month so I had that against me.  It took me all week to get those pounds to budge. 

Here I am today.  Last Sunday I was 184.2.  So pretty much a wash.  I'd like to see the 170's sometime soon, but I know I"m not being strict enough on my eating.  And yes that is Bachelor Ben in that photo.  I had the People magazine in my bathroom! :) 

Last but not least - I got a cat trap in the mail and I caught my cat!!!

Ha ha.  Mr Blue is a sucker for a box.  Put one on the ground and time him. . . he's in that sucker within 30 seconds flat!  

Have a great week!

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