Thursday, March 10, 2016

Small random things. . .

I'm still struggling with food. I'm embarrassed to admit this.  I don't know why I can't ditch the sugar.  Last year was much easier and this year I'm just sucking at it.  I know as Spring arrives and then turns to Summer, that this struggle will only be magnified.  

We went out of town this weekend.  We drove about 1.5 hours north to Springfield IL.  We went for an overnight just to get away.  The IL Horse Fair was going on at the state fairgrounds.   So that was one thing on the to-do list.  I bought these girl scout cookies there,  Did I mention I was struggling?   We don't have this lemon option in my area and I love lemon!

Then we hit up an amazing store called Scheel's.  It's a 2 story store with a Ferris Wheel in the middle!

I call this store a cross between Cabela's and Sport Authority.   It has much more hunting stuff than Sports Authority and more clothing than both stores.  It seems like they have every workout brand there is.  They also have jeans, a sports section with many many teams, a home decor section, a cafe that also sells fudge and ice cream. . . some games kids can play.  The place is amazing.  We always look for sales.  My hubby found an Under Armour shirt marked down from $80 to $25.  Then when we left to meet friends for dinner we reviewed the receipt as we spent $147 and the chick didn't charge us for his shirt!  Ooops!

So last week another horse ate the bottom of Eli's tail.

See the long strands?  They all use to be that long.  This photo is a bad angle, but I guesstimate about 6" of hair is gone. :(  I wanted to cry.  I was under too much stress to deal with this and worry that one day I'd arrive at the barn to find even more tail missing.  I've been putting MTG on the ends because I was told it would deter the culprit from eating more at it tastes bad.  I don't know about the taste, but I hate the smell!  So far it's working.  Thank goodness.  I did buy a tail bag while we were at the horse fair, but I really prefer not to use it.

Last week was really rough in terms of some major fighting between my hubby and I.  One night I was in the bedroom watching TV and staying away from him.  My kitty, Mr Blue, snuggled me and tried to make me feel better.  I love kitty snuggles!

In my effort to get back on track, last night's dinner was breakfast!  Hole in one eggs in Ezekiel bread and turkey bacon.  I'm trying. . . not succeeding often, but trying.  After dinner I stuff my freaking face with all kinds of sweets.  It's like I have no control.   I'm determined to work on that.  Maybe I will start posting weekly weigh ins again.  Cause I've got to find ways to have success and maybe that will motivate me.

Last week during the days of fighting with my husband I backed into our barn.  Lots of red paint and a dent.  Nice huh? It's all his fault.  He made a stupid choice last week and when I noticed some mud all over his truck I decided to check out the rest of the truck and bam!  Backed right into the barn.  So I blame it on him.  He did get the paint off and popped out most of it out. But still. .  . I hate denting my car :(

That's all I have for now.  I wish I had more to say and was more positive, but it's been a rough time and I think the stress is affecting my eating choices.

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  1. One of these days I would love to go to the horse fair. I didn't really look at the Girl Scout cookies this year, so I am not sure if we have the lemons ones. My husband bought a box of shortbreads. The eating thing is SO tough. I hope you find something that works for you. I am very happy with my current plan (but it needs more time to prove itself). I go one meal at a time targeting 300-600 calories. Then I plan a "treat" that might be 200-300 calories (one night it was milk and some of the GS cookies). I like that if I go over on a meal it is immediately behind me. When I think about the day as a whole I am more likely to say "oh well I screwed up this day" and eat more.