Monday, February 22, 2016

Step, step, step. . . .

This past week has been full of fitbit challenges.  I let my competitive side get the best of me.  First today is day 27 of my streak of making my fitbit goal of 10K steps per day. . . . So far I've made goal 26 days.  I have never *ever* looked at this streak before and I'm not sure why I am now.  But I'm am now.  The bummer is that the last day I didn't reach goal I missed it by 389 steps.  Like I said I never looked at this streak before and I generally have had one day per week that is an "off" day and I don't reach goal.  My streak would have been longer if I had got those 389 steps!  I'm trying for a total of 30 days at goal.  Then I can take a break.

I got invited to workweek hustle challenges last week.  They are hard for me due to my desk job.  But I was off Monday for President's Day.   I jumped in and I was determined to beat the one girl in my first challenge cause she has beat me a few times.  The second challenge was new people to me and they were pretty active.   I actually didn't think I win that one.  But I won both.  Fitbit didn't tell me this was a personal record for my workweek hustle, but it had to be (based on the previous record)

Friday rolled around and I had a massage and I was determined to get my 10K steps.  That was priority number 1.  I knew if I didn't reach that goal I wouldn't win either challenge.  I went for a short run at lunch.  I walked with a coworker at recess and my boss gave us a bit more time at recess to walk his dogs.   I also tried to be more active around the office.  My fitbit Charge has an altimeter and it counts floors.   The town I work in is hilly.  So with a run, recess and a few trips up the stairs in my office I was racking up the floors.  Previously I got a badge at 25 floors.  I didn't know when the next badge would be but I assumed 50.  At the end of the day I went up and down the steps at work about 7 times to reach that goal.  I was right. . . there was a badge. . .

This weekend was super nice (unseasonable) weather.  We broke records on both Friday and Sat I believe. I hated how hot it was Saturday.  I saw 75 as the highest when I was in my car.  I don't know where we topped out, but I believe it was higher in order to break the record.  It was so hot - Eli got so sweaty during his ride.  I had the AC on in my car.  I hated it!  No joke.   I want the bugs to die and this winter has been mild. Back on topic. . . since it was so nice I started a weekend warrior challenge and I was also invited to one.  So 2 challenges to motivate me to step, step, step. . .  which I did.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

I won them all!

Fitbit has a friends leader board in the app.  It's a revolving 7 day step total.  I'm usually near the top of my list.  I'm rarely at the top because that spot is held by my cousin who runs non-stop.  She can run a half marathon at a moments notice.  Drives me nuts!   But I am always envious of her having a total of 100K plus.  I did that once (that I remember) and I did it again this weekend.  Here is a screenshot from last night once I was done stepping for the day.

I'm not going to lie. . . I'm tired.  Can I nap now?  

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