Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend damage

Friday morning was a happy scale day.  I was back where I was when I lost 5 lbs.  Seriously - how much back and forth can one person do?   This is a constant struggle.

The fat % creeped down a bit so that's good I think!?

Friday morning my husband and I left for Nashville TN. 

We love going to Nashville.  This is our 3rd trip there.  The last 2 times we went to see Vince Gill (First at the Grand Ole Opry and then at the Opry at the Ryman).   He's my all time favorite and I'm in love with him.  This time we went to see Lennon & Maisy from the ABC TV show Nashville.  We also got to see The Band Perry and Carrie Underwood. 

Those photos are hijacked from the Orpy's Facebook page.  Our seats were not so good as it was sold out show and we bought tickets 2 weekends ago.   

I try to eat well on vacations, but let's be honest here.  I like food.  I like trying new foods.  So Friday morning I ran 5 miles before we left.   Saturday I did not run as we didn't get back to the hotel from the Opry till after midnight (we were at the 9:30 show).   I didn't sleep good as my body didn't like the hotel bed and I was basically in pain.   So Saturday morning I just got up and we ate breakfast at the hotel.  The Drury has amazing breakfast - pancakes, waffles, biscuit and gravy, eggs, toast, bagels, cereal, yogurt, fruit. . . etc.  I don't normally eat a breakfast like that and while I didn't stuff myself I did eat "bad" things.

We went to tour the Belle Meade Plantation.  That place is amazing. It's so rich in Thoroughbred history.  I had no idea!  You can see the mansion behind us. 

Nashville is home to Gigi's cupcakes and I have quite the cupcake addiction. I fully planned to go to Gigi's and I did:

Basically 2.5 of those are mine.  I still have one left! :)  

I had some (many) drinks on Saturday . . .  It was a fun day and everyone needs a fun day every now and again.   This is me with a Flying Monkey :)  (I love Monkeys!)

Sunday morning I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the hotel before breakfast.   Again it was bigger than normal breakfast for me.  When you have a smoothie every morning for breakfast, it doesn't take much to be bigger than normal.  We drove home on Sunday, but I still got my 10K steps on my fitbit.  I did every day Fri-Sun.  Though on Friday I had them before I finished my run that morning. Lol!   

So today I'm back at work.  I thought about not getting on the scale this morning, but I had to.  Curiosity won out.  What's the damage? 

 FOUR pounds!  I can't say I'm surprised cause I know my body and I know what it reacts to. But seriously.   I worked out 2/3 days.   I was more active than I am on a normal work day. Yesterday may have been the exception since we drove home and I was pretty lazy once home.  But I did work out!  On vacation!  The "old" me would never have done such a thing!  Ha ha.  But since Jan 2012, when we went to Cancun,  I've worked out every single vacation I've went on (not counting Rolex as a vacation - but Rolex involves so much walking it doesn't matter).   I just get kind of frustrated by a large jump in the scale.  My husband gained 2 lbs.  TWO!  I'd be thrilled with just 2.  And really he doesn't know what day last week he was on the scale.  So it could have been even less really.   Geesh.  Men!!!    I don't regret anything I ate or drank this weekend, I just wish the number was a fair representation.   I expect to gain some, but when you subtract activity, there's no way I ate (or drank) 4 lbs of calories!  That's why when people say it's cals in vs cals out, I get so frustrated.  It's not that simple for every body.  Each body is different and mine is clearly not very mathematical.  I wish it were! 

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