Monday, May 19, 2014

Cakeway to the West

On Saturday, my husband and I went cake hunting.  That's what I call it!   There are 250 fiberglass cakes all over the St Louis metro area celebrating the 250th birthday of St Louis.   Well I think as of the last update 234 of them have been placed.   They are at places that are landmarks or some significance to St Louis.   A certain number of the locations were voted on by the public.  Of course I had no clue about that vote until well after it was over and cakes were being placed.  All the cakes have different themes, usually relating to the location they are placed.

We took photos at each cake. Here's one that was the Soldier's Memorial in downtown St Louis that was behind a locked gate.  I guess we got there after it closed.

I took Norman, the World Equestrian Games mascot with us for some photos.   Alltech is kind of asking people to take photos of Norman traveling the world.  Here's one of Norman on the St Louis Art Museum cake.

And here's one of me with a cake so you can get a feel for the size of the cake.  This one was in Forest Park and was at the location of Shakespeare in the Park.  Every spring they do a Shakespeare play for a few weeks in Forest Park.   This was probably one of my favorite cakes.

So this leads me to talk about wearing my fitbit this weekend.  We walked all over Forest Park to get all the cakes in the park.  It was easier to walk than to hope to find parking near each cake.   I was good with walking cause I was too lazy to run before we left to go cake hunting.   Here are the stats from Saturday. 

Over 7 miles!  Woo hoo.  I'd say that was pretty accurate as we did a lot of walking all day.  It was fun to see these stats and I'm having fun with the fitbit.  

However, the anal part of me wonders how the fitbit comes up with distance related to steps.  Based on the goals, 10,000 steps = 5 miles.  Ok.  When I go on a run and I look at my stats it's pretty dang close on mileage, so I'm good with that.  I do *not* expect this thing to be accurate.  I expect it to be relative. 

So that brings me to Sunday.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles, rode Eli and then did various other things.  Here are the stats for Sunday. 

Relatively speaking I walked less steps and more miles.  This was a little more skewed in the middle of the day yesterday.  There has to be some algorithm that takes in frequency of steps or something.  My guess is that riding might throw this off some, but that just a guess.  I'm not being anal enough about it to look at the stats after every single thing I do, or try to figure it out by doing certain things on certain days.  But when I do the math, Sat come out to 2193.8 steps/mile and Sun is 1952.5 steps/mile.  A difference of 241-ish steps per mile.  *shrug*  Big enough to care?  Probably not.  Definitely not for me.  I'm still having fun with the fitbit and I'm using it in a relative way.   I like wearing it and seeing how active or lazy I'm being.  It's fun on days like Saturday when we were walking so much to have an idea of how much we actually did.  For those reasons I'm keeping it. :)   However, the anal aspect of me is still somewhat bugged by the numbers that I see.  But again I think the thing is close enough and in no way to I think it's accurate to the step, to the mile or to the calorie.  I do not take those calories burned into account in my life.  Well hell, let's be honest, I don't count calories well at all or I wouldn't be this fat right now!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope this is a great week.  I'm looking forward to a three day weekend after this week is over.  We will probably do more cake hunting and we have tickets to the Cardinals game on Memorial Day.  Yay!

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