Friday, May 16, 2014

Buzz buzz buzz!

I find that I like the buzz (vibrating) from my fitbit when I reach my step goal. It happened yesterday while I was running on the treadmill. 

It's *very* hard for me to get many steps at work.  I try to get up as often as I can, but I work in a very small office.  I'd have to literally walk laps to accumulate steps.  The last time (and only other time so far) I reached my step goal was last Sunday when I ran and rode my horse.  I did the same thing yesterday.  After work I went for a short and totally unproductive ride.  Then I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym.  That's when the buzz happened!  I wanted to do a happy dance, but I wasn't done running yet.  This was my first 3 mile run (treadmill or on land) that I've done without stopping since my half marathon.  I finally feel like I'm getting my running mojo back and it feels good.  Wed night I ran 2 miles and I felt so fabulous.  I wanted to run another mile but I had to get home and changed as we had tickets to the ballgame.  Unfortunately they postponed the game as we were on our way.  Damn them!  I could have ran another mile.  Geesh. 

I'm thinking of doing a 5 and dime challenge in June.  I would run a 10K in the am and a 5K at 5 PM.  Did I post about this already?  I don't remember!  I need another goal so that I keep running.  I have not yet run a race of the 10K distance so this could be fun.  It conflicts with something that I was invited to that day though, so I need to decide what I'm going to do. 

I have decided to keep the fitbit.   I like it enough and while it's not totally accurate I knew that going in.  For example, I think it gave me more distance (that's different than steps) for my run yesterday, but that's ok.   I'm thinking of doing a fitbit challenge.  Where I reach the step goal every day for a certain length of time.  I just don't know - could I do a month?  Whew.  Seeing how little steps I get during a day at work I'm not sure.   I do find the little thing on my wrist to be very motivating though.  I just wonder how long I will be motivated by it?  That's the thing.  Oh - I should say I thought I was having battery issues when it was half uncharged after the first 24 hours of use.  Maybe I didn't charge it enough the first time?  I charged it last Friday night and didn't charge it again till last night.  I don't think I would have had to last night.  When I plugged it in it started the charge with 2 lights (out of 5).  But they say it lasts 5 days and last night was day 6.  I didn't want it to die on me in the middle of the day.  Nor did I want it to die at night cause the sleep stuff is my favorite data to see. :)   But 6 days is really good!  I didn't get any notifications from the app that it needed to be charged.  I read that you will get those when the battery is low.  Of course that's if you have bluetooth on your phone turned on so it can sync. If you don't. . . and say you don't manually sync it for 12 hours - there's no way it can tell you the battery is low.  So while there are these little quirks I do like the little thing!  And boy is the fitbit little.  Kind of impresses me with how small it is. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Next week I'm going to try to write a post about time anxiety if I can formulate my words in a respectable fashion. 

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