Friday, May 2, 2014

What's on your keychain?

I had an Albanese gummy bear on my keychain.    Albanese makes the world's best gummy bears!  They have an "A" on their bellies and you can often find them repackaged as a different brand if you have the eagle eyes to notice the A.

I retired my gummy bear keychain after many years for this:

I thought it was a fun little way to keep the memory of my half marathon with me.  Thanks to  Crow Biz Etsy shop for making this!

I kind of went crazy looking for 13.1 stuff after the race. As you know I have the sticker on my car.   Well I also just ordered a necklace from Etsy as well.  I will post that when I get it.  If I get it.  I asked for a variation of a necklace after not being able to find what I wanted.   *fingers crossed*   Now I just need a 13.1 shirt that will fit my fluffy self and isn't cut for a stick thin person. :)

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