Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 week update

It was 5 weeks ago when I was just walking during recess and got slammed with this "sickness".  It feels like 5 months.   

Currently my biggest complaint is my feet.

Generally they don't hurt when I'm not on them.  But it's the initial standing/walking that hurts.  And sometimes it hurts bad.  This morning I got up and they were the best they've been in a long time!  I was pretty happy with that.  But they seem to hurt more later in the day.  When I first got sick, mornings were worse. 

This past weekend I got the guts to try the Oriental Energy massage place in my local mall.  I got a 30 min foot massage from a middle aged Asian guy that smelled like stale smoke.  We didn't communicate well but the massage was good, if not a bit too strong in some areas for my poor sore little feet.  

My hands are almost normal when I wake up, but my wrists are still tender and don't like certain movements.  For example, I grab my purse in my right hand and try to put it on my right shoulder with the same hand.  The wrist has to bend and support the purse quite a bit for that movement.  No one thinks twice about doing this, I never did.   Now I have to use my opposite hand.  

My knees suck. Standing and sitting, going up and down stairs. . . .all tender.  But what's worse is that yesterday I was at Michael's and I squatted down to look at something on a shelf without thinking about it.  Holy shit!  I don't think I've squatted since I got sick.  Wowza.  Holy effing pain!  I shot up like a bullet and almost cried.   So I will continued to squat once or twice a day to monitor this.  I can only imagine that it got better since all this started, because everything has.  Which makes me think a few weeks ago I might have fell over and landed on my ass in the store.  Who knows! 

Today I'm going to get xrays of my feet.  If I have RA, a rhuematologist would monitor joint damage.  I don't think I have any at this point, but this could be a baseline xray.  And I got to pick which joint to xray.  My right foot hasn't been the same since I rolled it over a stair step.  So why not just see if anything is going on there. 

I was given permission to walk and I hated it.  I want to run.  I have only walked once.  And if I'm worse the next day I have to stop.  I was in severe foot pain the same night.  So I haven't done it since.  But I really overdid it that day.  So since the weekend was so hot and humid I decided to wait for better weather and try again.  This weekend looks like it will be nice and chilly in the AM.  I have a *secret* goal.  I want to be running by: 

I am signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Dec.  This will be my third year in a row.  So I have high hopes I can start running my Oct 1.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I don't know if this is a far-fetched goal or not honestly, but it's my secret hope.  I need to run again!  

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