Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday Run

My training schedule has runs Tues-Thurs-Sunday.  But it seems like M-W-Sat work the best for me.  This week is a step back week, thank goodness!   I love step back weeks.  I feel like I keep my legs going, but I don't wear out and I look forward to my next run.  So this Sat I will only be running a 5K.  

On Monday I ran at the gym on the treadmill.  It was really cold (the high was 18) and the roads were still too icy/snowy to make it safe.  I don't mind the cold so much at all.  I'm a much happier winter runner than summer runner.  But I am scared to death of falling while running and breaking something.  I've never broke a bone and it freaks me out.   

I struggled on the treadmill.  I walked. . . I can't remember how much but after 2 miles of running I did some intervals, walking  no more than a half mile.  It seems that intervals can do good things for calorie burn so I don't mind it too much.  Even though the perfectionist side of me gets highly annoyed when I don't run the whole distance. 

Yesterday was a gorgeous day.  It was around 40 degrees when I got to the park after work.  I couldn't wait to run outside.  Who am I?  Lol.   I love running on days that are slightly cool.  It works well for my body and I wanted to soak up some vitamin D, even though I didn't have much skin exposed.  It felt great!  Shortly into my run I ran past a house with a dog loose in the yard.  There was no fence, but I suppose there could have been a invisible one.  The dog stood near the house, so no where near any fence that I was unable to see.  He/she just looked at me.  Didn't bark.  Didn't move.  Just watched me.  I really wanted to say "Good Doggie!"   But I knew better.  I am not a dog person.  There are some dogs that I get to know that I like. But I don't know that I will ever own a dog (we have a dog that my husband had before I met him and he lives outside and I hate that - a whole other story).  But I do like well behaved dogs.  The animal lover in me respects and admires animals with good manners.  Dogs that bark and chase me, not so much! :) 

I tried hard to keep a pace around 11:30.  It wasn't as easy as my 6 mile run, but I fully believe that this is a pace that in general my body likes and does well with right now.  So I'd like to keep most of my runs (or the beginnings of long runs) near that pace.  It was a bit hard as not all sidewalks were clean and sometimes I didn't have a place to get off the sidewalk, so I had to slow way down and pick my way through.  It was worth it to be outside. 

Having an 11:10 second mile is strange, but I'll take it! :)  I think that's when I really decided to push for my pace.  My first mile is often faster than I think/plan/expect, but I have to focus to not slow down after.  When I first started running I had natural negative splits, but I think I was really focused on running. . . I would work on my breathing and such. Now I will think about things in life and that causes me to slow down a bit.  

Saturday my husband and I are going to take a little road trip.  So I'm glad to have only 3 miles on the schedule this weekend.  I will run on Sat to get the calorie burn in before we leave.  I definitely have plans to eat out that day. :)

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