Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yup.  You read that right.  I LOVE soda.  I *really* love McDonald's coke.  I often wonder if it's drugged.  It taste different, and better, than any other fountain coke.  I'm a big fountain soda fan.  I will drink Mountain Dew in a bottle, can or fountain.  But Coke is one I prefer only from the fountain. If I'm at a gas station and I get a fountain soda it will be Mountain Dew because  well. . . . coke is better from McD's!

I've given up soda for significant amounts of time before.  I always hope that when I have one after a long long time without that it will be too sweet and I won't like it.  I remember when I was younger and my parents switched to diet soda.  To this day my dad will only drink diet.   He says regular tastes too sweet.  I'm not lucky enough for that to happen to me.  One sip of a soda and I slide right off the wagon.   That happened about a week ago.  I'm back on soda and I can't seem to stop.   I know this is affecting my weight.  I was sticking under 200 really well and today I was 201.4.  Great.  It's the soda and my sudden addiction to Twix Easter Eggs.   I need you all to slap me and help me get back on the wagon.   I don't care if I eat some chocolate, but I have to keep it under control.  And I really do better in life if I don't drink soda at all.   I tend to associate soda to all things - good and bad.   The past 2 days have been *super* (too much so) warm.  I'm driving home in my hot car with the AC going and I think what a day - I'm going to get a soda!  It's a great day for one.  Or I can get bad news and I wanna drown my sorrows in a soda.  I guess there are worse vices to have.  I also feel like I will snack less in the evenings if I have a soda to drink while watching tv or reading my kindle.  It doesn't balance out though I guess, or the scale wouldn't be up.   Ultimately though I need to jump back on the wagon.  Just looking at that photo makes my mouth water for a coke! lol

The running schedule I have this week is two 4.5 miles runs (M&W is my plan) and one 7 mile run this weekend.  Monday (and yesterday) we reached the upper 70's in temperature.  I'm probably the only one in the local area that hated it.  I think that was too hot too soon.  It's March people!  Eli still has a winter coat. He just really started shedding.  So Monday, since Eli had been turned out for the first time in forever (too wet) I decided he didn't need any work and I would just run.  I decided to go to a different town.  I live on a farm smack between two towns.  I always run in the larger town cause it's easier to do a loop and get my full run in.  But I saw a new paved path in the park at the other town and I wanted to try it.  I drove to the park and I assumed I would use the bathroom there (like I do in the other town).  Bad assumption.  That dang park has 4 bathrooms and every dang one of them was closed. I was stunned.  The park was crowded and where do people go to the bathroom?  Lame!   So I decided to suck it up and run.  I'd see how far I got.  The path is only 3/4 of a mile.  So I ran around that just over a lap and headed off through the town.  This town is really short so I was back at the park in no time and had to run around the path 2 more times.  Ultimately when I hit 4 miles I bailed.  I have never not done a full run when I'm following a schedule.  It was hot.  My car said 79 degrees when I got to the park.  Each leg felt like it weighed 100 lbs.  I was running through molasses. I was breathing harder.  It was hot!  Too hot too fast!  I hadn't acclimated to that.  And I had to pee!!!!!  So I stopped at 4 miles, got in the car and went home.  I ran slow. . . here are the splits:

I'm a much happier cold weather runner.  I can generate my own heat.  I've never ever been too cold during a run.  NEVER!   Today the high is 40, but we are having 30 mph winds and rain.  So I will probably be on the treadmill, which I'm dreading.  The temps are perfect for running, but there is no way I'm fighting those kinds of winds. :(   

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