Monday, March 3, 2014

Awesome 6!

I had 6 miles on the schedule this weekend.  I admit I was dreading it.  We had dinner plans on Sunday so I wanted to run then (burn the calories then stuff my face!).   But the forecast on Sunday was for ice and sleet (which ultimately changed our plans on Sunday).  I was *not* doing 6 miles on the treadmill.  Nope.  No way, no how.   So Saturday it was. My husband made plans for his sister and brother in law to come over and help us put away summer sausage.   I wasn't aware of that.  I did managed to get up in time to make the house look a bit better and fit my run in before they arrived.    I rocked this run!

I forgot to ice my knee and take any meds like I did for the 5 miles last weekend.   I worried about that when I started. (it did get tight, but not as painful as in the past)   It was chilly but not super cold - perfect weather.  I don't really set goals other than to run the entire time and finish the distance.  However, I found my groove and wanted to keep a pace of under 12 min/mile.   Finding the groove for me is hit or miss.  The "groove" in my world is when I find that good pace and become almost "mechanical".  By that I mean I keep a good tempo, a steady pace and a rhythmic breathing pattern.  I feel like a machine - very repetitive.  All of those things happened on Saturday and I didn't ever fall out of it.  I almost did when 2 dogs chased me.  They actually belong to our nephew, but we don't spend much time with him, so I don't know their names.  But I've had a neighbor's dog run with me before and he ran "with" me.  Happy - tail wagging - running *with* me.  These dogs chased me.  Barking and yapping and on my heels.  One of the tripped me and I freaked.  I turned around and screamed at the top of my lungs at them.  One went home.  The other proceeded to chase me until I yelled again.  All of this happened as I was going up the first of 2 "hills" on my run.  They aren't terribly steep, but in my flatland area of IL they are hill enough to get my hear rate up.  So I'm turning around, screaming and running up a hill at the same time.  My heart rate spiked.  I can see exactly where all of this happened in all the stats on my run.   It's kind of funny that there are peaks and drops (pace dropped) right at that point.   I wasn't sure I would recover cause my heart rate felt so high and that causes me to slow down. Plus I was out of breath!  I got to the top of the hill and focused on breathing and found that groove again.  All went well till about mile 5.5 when my sock started rubbing the back of one of my feet.  I knew when I left the house that those socks wouldn't stay up and out of my shoe.  Sure enough one slipped inside my shoe and rubbed the back of my foot raw.  It still hurts!  I am SO proud of this pace.  I even posted the Garmin photo on FB.  I tend to think that people that post about every workout are kind of tacky.  I have one FB friend that posts a photo of her heart rate watch after every workout.  I *has* to be every workout.  It's almost daily.  Really - does it not count if you don't post it to FB? lol   Anyways, look how even my splits are!!!!!

I love how my splits are so close together.  The longest split of 11:40 includes the miles where the dogs were after me.  My average pace was basically the same as when I ran my 15K in December.  I did notice how my watch and the screenshot from Garmin Connect aren't the exact same in avg pace.  Lame!   When I find my groove in running I don't hate it so much.   I just wish I could find it more often.  Or figure out what triggers it.  I often think the meal I ate for supper the night before impacts my run the next morning.  I'm embarrassed to admit I had a fish filet meal from McD's the night before!

So the rest of the weekend was spent making cookies!  I had no idea they would take so long.  Whew.   I found this idea online and have been wanting to try it for weeks.  I've had all the supplies for weeks.  The blog said that these come together really easily.  I guess they do when you aren't learning as you go.  I don't use the holy grail royal icing.  I knew that the icing I used would make details hard. But it made the stems of the strawberries impossible.  So I had to make royal icing for the first time.  Blah!  I used it on the stems and the seeds since I had some left.  I was going to use it on the white drizzle, but the instructions said to make the icing ivory.  I tried that and it came out way way way wrong.  So that got trashed and I had to make more icing yet again.  If I hadn't made the green and the white drizzle twice I'd have finished sooner I think.  Nonetheless I love them.  I brought them to work today and a coworker told me they look like something you'd see in a magazine!  YAY!  This photo shows a bit more shine than they ended up with after drying over night.  But it's the most accurate in color. 

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