Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This is my therapy :)   Someone said I could make this private or maybe it was not publish the posts.  I guess I could.  What I'd like to do is just say what I want to say.  I had a post all published and then took it down.  Cause you can't say what you want to say online.  People might get mad.  Hell my FB posts have got me in trouble.   

For example I once posted something like this: 
"I hate to see a generous person get taken advantage of."
Well that caused some drama!  As a result someone no longer speaks to me. The funny thing is that this is so general.   I mean who IS it about?  When my friend Doris was alive, it could have easily been about her.  She was always taken advantage of. Of course she liked it.  It made her feel needed.  But in anycase, the person that is no longer speaking to me threw a little tantrum about it.  Guilty conscience?  That's what I think!   So now I have to sensor what I say.  Bullshit if you ask me. 

I'd love to tell you all about my night last night.  And also something that happened yesterday that is photo related.  But I don't want to get thrown in the fire if people read it.  But really - why can't I tell my stories?   Is this any different than calling up a friend and gossiping about it?  Really?   

So . . . new subject. . . 

This weekend I went to get fitted for running shoes.  On Friday I had read an article on new fall shoe models.  One of them stood out to me and I wrote the name down.  But I didn't take that paper with me.  Yesterday when I got to work I saw it on my desk. What do you know!?  I ended up getting that pair! :) lol 

St Louis is a big baseball city.  We claim to have the best fans in the world.  I grew up taking it for granted.  I liked baseball enough but didn't really watch much or go to any games.   This year I decided I loved it.  We went to at least one game a month the whole season.  I started to educate myself on baseball.   I also started paying attention to fan reputation and attendance in other cities.  It does seem true that we have very supportive fans.  They are respectful to visiting teams and we also have high attendance during seasons when our team isn't doing that great.   So currently we are in postseason.  And the Cardinals are playing game five of a series tomorrow night and we are going!  I was so smart to get tickets before yesterday's game started.  I paid $43/ticket and they are selling on stubhub for $90 and up!   Yay!   I should have bought some to resell.   Yesterdays game (and tomorrow's now) was a do or die situation for us. If we lost yesterday we were out.  We started a rookie pitcher that is amazing! His name is Michael Wacha.  Anyone remember Fozzie Bear?  He says Waka Waka! Michael's name is pronounced the same way.  We ran with that here in St Louis.   Apparently there was a fan in Pittsburgh yesterday with a sign that said Wacha Wacha! as some form of an insult.  They tried to rattle him, but he's a machine and mature beyond his years.  He nailed that game for us.  And so I leave you with this. . . 

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  1. It's a shame that we can't really write what we're thinking without *someone* getting offended. That's happened to me plenty of times--and it's not like I write things in which I'm TRYING to offend someone!