Thursday, October 10, 2013

The randomness that is my life.

So. . . last night I was at the Cardinals game.  :)   It was the final elimination game of the NLDS. If they lost our world series run was over.  I decided on Monday to get seats cause I had a good feeling they would win Monday.  If they didn't, yesterday wouldn't happen.  I could only get nosebleed seats unless I wanted to buy after-market-jacked-up-priced-tickets.   This was our view

It was actually better than it looks in the photo.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  It's fun up there!  But it takes a long time to get down to ground level after the game.  

Prior to the game we were checking out the view from the top of the stadium.   It was fun to hang out up there.  There was a nice fall breeze and places to sit, since many people hadn't made their way up yet.  Here's a selfie with the arch in the background.

We got beads at the rally before the game. :)   And then we ate inhaled this. . . . lol  It was good, but not as good as the BBQ Pork nachos we've had at other games.

We have tickets for the first game of the NLCS tomorrow!  And also game 6 a week from tomorrow, if the series goes that far.

So my car has a tire pressure light. The dang thing has been coming on every week - 10 days.  Yesterday morning it came on and I was so mad at myself cause I knew it was coming and I should have filled up my tire.  I guess I have a slow leak.  I filled it yesterday at lunch.  Today I get in my car and the damn thing is on again.  So I turn around in my drive so that Roger can fill it (saves me $0.75 at the gas station).   Well it went from 34 lbs to 20 lbs in less than 24 hours.  So now I have the truck.  Hopefully Roger can get my tire fixed today.   :(

I have a Dr appt after work and my Sophie kitty is in the hospital.  So I'm hoping I can go get her after the appt.  I'm still waiting for the update.  It kills me to wait in the morning for the call from the vet.  Usually I end up calling them first.  But I'm trying to sit tight.  I hate that I have to drive the truck to StL tonight.  Well that I might have to.  I love the truck, but I don't love driving it as much when it's not attached to my horse trailer.

Speaking of Sophie I'm hoping the diagnosis isn't bad.  I keep hearing cancer in my head.  Why?  I don't know.  Some friends of mine on FB had a dog that quite eating and ultimately was diagnosed with cancer and put down. . . all in the span of like 3 days.  I can't get that out of my head.  I hope it's not that.  I hope it's curable without spending a shit ton of $. This vet hospital is crazy expensive.  Just for one night, an ultrasound, a feeding tube and I can't remember what else is going to be just over $700.   I love my cat, but I just spent $400 there the day prior on tests/xrays to figure this out.  Her normal 3 month checkup is about $300 - just over.  So that was pretty much rolled into that $400 since we suspected heart related issues.  It wasn't that, but what is it?  

So due to my feet issues and my crazy life this week I haven't ran this week.  The 5K I did Sunday doesn't count.  I've done no exercise since . . . ?  The weekend before this past one.  Hmph.  The interesting thing is that the scale has been more consistent than usual.  Just going up and down about one pound.  Considering what I ate/drank at the game last night, only one lb is great.  :)   I'm just surprised at how even it's been as I can easily ride a 3 lb wave through the week.  I hope I didn't jinx it. :)   And I'm SO ready to run and try out my new shoes.   I wish I could just run a mile today at lunch, but with the Dr appt I have after work. . . well it's the kind where you don't want to have sweat any time prior to the appt. Lol   Worse case - Saturday morning it's on!!!!

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