Monday, October 14, 2013

The things I do for my pets. . .

Sophie came home Friday afternoon, diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease.  She picked a sucky week to get sick and Friday was no exception.  We had tickets to the Cardinals game: NLCS Game 1!  Woo hoo.   I would have liked to stay home with Sophie.  But I also thought maybe it would be better for her if I wasn't there cause I hover.

The vet gave her lasix at different times than I do.   They did 4AM, 12PM, 8PM.   Well 8PM was not going to work for me.  I wouldn't be home. What do I do?   I decided stress at home was minimal and I wouldn't give it to her early (then the next dose would be long) but I'd give it to her late.   The game started at 7:30. When would I be home?  I hoped between 11 - 12.   WRONG!   I didn't think of extra innings.  The dang game was tied in the third and no one scored again for . . . .10 innings.  Yes it was a 13 inning came.  I left in the 11th.  I left Roger and the 2 others we were with at the game.  I took his keys.  I got back on the Redbird Express.   (There were many others leaving so I wasn't alone) We rode the bus back to the mall hovering over our phones and shouting out updates.   I got in the truck, turned on the radio to listen to the game.  Halfway home the game was over and our boys had WON!  Woo hoo.  I made him home, gave Sophie her meds.  Tried to get her to eat. Put on yoga pants, jumped back in the truck, drove back to the mall and picked up the other 3.  They got there about 2-3 mins before I did.  I'm so sad I left the game, but that got Sophie her meds an hour earlier than it would have if I had waited.  And who knew for sure when the game was going to end?

Sophie is still not quite right.  She's hiding under the bed.  When she is out she's a bit restless.  You know cats can lay in the same spot for hours.  Not Sophie.   She's in one spot for maybe 10 mins and she's moving.  She won't fully lay down.  I think she's nauseous.  She wants food.  She comes when it's time.  She just doesn't really eat.  She did eat Tuna Sat night, but not much of anything yesterday.   I just put in a call to the vet and I hope to hear soon.  But . . .

But?  Yes, but. . . . I just don't know that I'll take her back to the vet for any further treatment.   I mean I spent $1200 last week.   I just don't know. . . if we can consult over the phone, then that's great.  But I don't know that I can keep dropping this kind of money when all of her illnesses are terminal.  She's not going to get better.  How long do I keep doing this?   I know no one can answer that.  I certainly can't yet.  But I can't spend another $1200 this week on her.  No way.  

No photo for this post.  I know that's a crime!  I couldn't get a good photo of Sophie.  And whenever I got near her, it was so I could count breathing.  I tried to be sneaky but as her hair gets longer it's harder to see the breathing.  I really tried not to hover.  I was home all day yesterday editing photos and just observing. :)

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