Friday, April 13, 2012

Ready or not. . . 5K here I come!

I have been a horrible slug today.  I ate like crap.  Literally.  2 doughnuts!  Several pieces of chocolate.  McAlister's for dinner: half a chicken salad croissant and a bowl of cheesy tortilla soup.  Plus a coke.  I've been good all week!  Tues - Fri morning the scale has dropped every.single.morning!   What the heck happened to me today?  I was SO tired and SO hungry.  It wasn't cravings.  I know the difference.  I was genuinely hungry.

Today I had to go pick up my race packet.  With 2500 people in the 5K the suggested you pick up your packet today at the health expo.  So I did.  The health expo is in downtown St Louis. . . along with the home opener of the Cardinals game and a NRA (National Rifle Association) convention.  Tomorrow we have another cards game, the NRA thing still and a Blues Playoff game.   Wow.  St Louis planned everything on the same weekend!  LOL.  I braved the traffic and hit the health expo.  

I have to confess one of the reason I entered a 5K was so I could proudly wear the shirt!  I expected a generic T-shirt.  We got a Brooks tech shirt - the kind that wick sweat.  YAY!  I ordered a large.  They said they were running small.  The large looked tiny.  I took an XL.  I tried it on.  It was a bit big around the middle.  The shoulders were perfect.  I went back and tried on a L.  It felt tight.  It looked better, but I thought it looked tight.  A lady told me it looked perfect.  I'm a believer that tighter clothing makes you look thinner than clothing that hangs.  I made myself get the L because I will NOT gain weight.  I want to keep training and lose weight.  So why get the XL right?  It took me probably 20 mins to decide this. I'm pathetic  I know.

Sorry that isn't a better pic of the shirt.  But you get the idea.  I'm likely not wearing it in the race tomorrow.  I don't like wearing sleeves when running.  Is it taboo to not wear the shirt?   I don't know.   The timer thingy is on the back of the number thingy.  Yes thingy is a technical term. lol  So we can't bend that thing.  Guess that will go on at the last minute.

One of the issues I've had since the temp has increased I'm dealing with sweat at the end of my longer runs.   Katie has mentioned Bondi Bands and I've looked at the site several times.  I couldn't decide.  Didn't want to pay shipping. . . etc.  They were at the health expo.  I got three bands.  One is plain black and two have sayings . . .sayings that are VERY true. . . neither one is more true than the other actually.  I seriously do run so I can eat chocolate. . . and I love/hate running.  :)

So the race is at 8AM tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! You'll do great! Hope the weather cooperates for you, too. :o)