Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Plan: weekly weigh in and lent

So I'm not religious. . . but lent has a start and an end. I gotta get control of my sweet tooth. So I'm giving up chocolate and candy starting tomorrow. I can't have it until Easter. I'm hoping this results in a little bit of weight loss as well.

The plan is also to post weekly weigh-ins. Yes I weigh daily. But Wednesdays are going to be *the* day. I'm not going to panic in between. I'm going to track my weight and fat % here every Wednesday. Let's see how that goes eh? :)

Now I've made a ton of progress running since I last blogged. This weekend I ran 3 miles on Sat and Sun and 4 miles yesterday morning (I was off work). 4 miles is HUGE! I never though I'd ever run that far. Wow. I'm impressed with myself. I burned 650 cals. The problem with this is that I weighed in at 183 today. I like to be at 176-177. I'm NOT happy with this. Today is Fat Tuesday and I'm rocking it! lol. But tomorrow I will be buckling down. I need to get back down. I want to keep running and lose the weight at the same time. Is that possible???

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