Friday, April 16, 2010

Numero Uno

This is my first blog evah! :) I decided that I wanted to start documenting some things in life. The first being my journey of dressage with Eli. I want to start making notes of my lessons. I have a fabulous trainer and learn some great exercises in my lessons. Very seldom do I write them down. If I did write them down where would I keep them? A blog is a great place! I don't have to store them and this way I can share them with all of my riding friends. YAY! So for now that is the path this blog will take. I might put some normal live stuff in here I suppose. We'll see . . . join me on my ride and see where it leads.

First up: meet Eli!

Eli is a 15 year old TB gelding. I can't believe he's that old. I got him when he was 7. Some people's horses never age it seems! Or they are bad at math. Just the other day when the vet was out he said "how old was he when you got him?" We reminisced abpout the last 8 years. Neither of us could believe that it had been that long!

Dressage is our discipline of choice. . . I guess you could say. A few years ago I started working with my current trainer. Initially it was on a clinic basis. That meant once a month I'd go to a barn to have a lesson with him. I think that started in 07. My memory is bad. Basically I loved working with this trainer and in Oct 08 I sent Eli to him for training. He remained there for 6 months. Unfortunately he hurt himself and was not in training for the last month he was there. If anyone knows Eli, they know he is Master of Injuries. So I wasn't surprised but I was disappointed. I've had him back with me for a year now. Luckily I'm at a barn that my trainer comes to on a regular basis. As often as I can (usually once a month) I make the drive to my trainer's barn for a lesson. We are just learning SO much! I'm a much different and better rider than I was before. So for now that's the end of the history lesson/ introduction.
I will try to post bits and pieces of what I learn in lessons here. Next lesson: Monday April 19th. We are traveling to Prairie Oaks in Troy IL for a lesson that evening. YAY!

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