Monday, April 19, 2010

Lesson Day

Normally I have lessons either at my own barn or at my trainer's barn. My trainer comes to the area every other Monday alternating with my barn and Prairie Oaks in Troy. Without going into details, my trainer only does one Monday at my barn. So that means I'm only guaranteed one lesson a month. However, the other barn can't always fill their clinics, so we have the first half of a day at my barn. To ride then I must take a couple of hours of PTO. I have a lot of trips planned this year, so I can't continue to slowly erode my PTO. Today I decided that I'd go to Prairie Oaks after work for a lesson. That required me to bring the trailer to work, because Roger is in the field. There's no way I'd be able to fit the thing into our tiny parking lot, but luckily we have permission to park on this gravel lot next door. The property use to have a green house and is currently for sale. This is the view from my office:

Notice the "new" truck! I don't know if I ever posted pics of the truck on FB. It's used, but in amazing shape. 3/4 ton Dodge Ram diesel! :) YAY! I love how it pulls the trailer. And doesn't it look great on my trailer!?!?! Way better than the old red truck. (Ahh, but I continue to love Old Red, because I may have to use her at times) So today I'm stuck at work and can't run errands at lunch. :( That's a bit sucky. I will leave around 3:30, go get Eli and hopefully get to Troy 30 mins before my 5:45 lesson. Eli is usually "on" when he's not at home, so fingers crossed for a good lesson!

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  1. Even from a distance, that is a gorgeous rig!