Friday, April 22, 2016

I had a goal. . .

I'm so freaking excited today!!!   When I started the Advocare Herbal Cleanse on April 9th, I set a goal. . . that goal was to see the 170's on the scale before I leave for KY on April 27th (this coming Wednesday).  

179.8 (my scale only does even numbers behind the decimal) would be fine.  I didn't care.  I just wanted to see 170's.  My long term goal was to see 176 as that would be 35 lbs lost since I started Advocare.  I would have reached that in August if I hadn't got sick.  Life since then has been rough and the weight crept on.  I wanted to hit 176 and reassess where I wanted to go and how I wanted to get there. 

So I started the cleanse at 188.2.  Yesterday was tough day and I didn't eat dinner. I wasn't even all that hungry so I guess it didn't matter.  I never skip meals, but it happened.  I didn't get home till close to 9pm and I wasn't feeling up to making something.  

This morning I got on the scale not knowing that to expect.  I could have easily gained.  The body is funny like that.  Not eating isn't necessarily a "good" thing where the body is concerned. 

But I saw this on the scale. . . 

GOAL!!!!!    I'm stunned.  I'm shocked.  I got on that dang scale probably 4 times.  It said the *exact* same thing each time.  (Maybe one day I'll set the date on that thing huh?).   That's a loss of 2.6 lbs from yesterday.  So I'm not sure that this will remain and I could blow up tomorrow.  But I saw it.  I saw the 170's!!!!   Whoop whoop!!!!   It feels good.  Now I'd like to hold that and actually be in the 170's on Wednesday morning when I leave.  I hope I can, but I also know that I have a few things coming up that might make it challenging.  If in fact this is a bit of a fluke then it will certainly be a challenge.  If it's not, then there might be hope.  It's funny how I can gain 2-3 lbs overnight and it can take days to get it off.  It's very very rare that I drop more than 1 lb in one day.  But boy does it feel good!!!   

Happy weeekend everyone!

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  1. That's always a wonderful feeling!!! Congratulations!