Friday, October 10, 2014

New Record!

I love when my Garmin tells me I have a new record. That doesn't happen very often.  Mainly because I don't run fast.  Also because there aren't that many records it tracks.  It tracks fastest mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon as well as Longest Run.  

The *very* first day I wore my Garmin was during the Hot Chocolate 15K in Dec last year.  I had just got the watch and my last few training runs prior to the race were in the gym due to the icy weather.  So I was unable to actually try my Garmin before the race.  I hit start, ran the 15k, hit stop and had no idea really what the Garmin was telling me.  I didn't know my average pace till we were at breakfast and I decided to see if I could figure it out. Lol!   So that run set a few records.  It was a great run for me.  I ran a fast first 5K in that run. 

Then yesterday happened.  I had a 3 mile run that I wanted to do during lunch because I had a massage after work.  It was a terribly rainy morning and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to run at lunch.  I may have said before, the town I work in is hilly.  So I like to do some short lunch runs to train on the hills.  There is a 1 mile loop at the park and I started off and I felt *really* good. I've yet to be able to predict when I will have a good run, or a bad run, or know what creates both of those.  As I was running I saw my pace, felt like I could keep it, decided to stay on the paved path for 3 laps (sometimes I'll run a mile loop into the town and back to the park).  I didn't want to mess up my mojo so I stayed on the track.  I thought I knew my fasted 5K record, but I wasn't totally sure since it's been there for so long.  I never tried to beat it really.  But again I don't run that fast.  However, I felt like I was going to beat it.  So I tacked on the extra 0.1 mile. . . hit stop. . . and "1 new record" appeared on my Garmin.  *happy dance*

My previous record was 33:33 with a pace of 10:48.  My new record is 32:52 and a pace of 10:35.  That's fast for me! I was super duper excited!!  And I loved how even my splits were as well. 

I wish the Garmin would track a record for 15K as well, but it doesn't.  The Hot Chocolate run from last year now currently only holds the fastest 10K record.  It did hold the fast mile for a while, until I just tried to run one super fast mile in the week before my previous half marathon. The week before is always really light on the running schedule so I did a mile out and back run and decided to see how fast I could run the first mile.  The record is 10:12.  Maybe someday I'll get something in the 9's.  

This weekend I have 10 miles to do and I'm not sure if I'm doing that Sat or Sun.  My half is next Sunday so I feel like my last long run should be one week prior - on Sun.  So that's probably what I will do. Plus we are going to a ballgame on Sunday so why not burn the calories that morning :) 

Have a great weekend!

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